Bardolino Chiaretto

Corvina, Molinara e Rondinella.

The grapes of the Bardolino Chiaretto are completely obtained from the vineyards located on the Moreniche hills on the south of the Garda lake, in medium clayey soils. This grapes are harvested between the end of September and the beginning of October, they are pressed with utmost care and vinified in “rosa” (pink) at low temperature. The right color intensity will be obtained after a brief contact with the grape skins.

After that the clear must ferments really slowly at a controlled temperature(15°), in order to keep the aromas more rich and fruity.

The aging of the wine is done from three to six months in small steel tanks, after that it continues in bottle for almost other three months at the controlled temperature of 18° , in complete darkness.

This wine contains delicate hints of cherry, raspberry and currant and it has a pink coral color. It has a intense and elegant scent of the ripe grape. The taste is balanced, very tasty, fresh and fruity.

For all his characteristics this wine is perfect with aperitifs and appetizers, with savory first dishes, risotto, white meat and with sauces. Excellent at 9°-11°C. 12,5 vol.